Getting Into The Healthy Lifestyle By Taking A Hike With Combat Boots

cboot1A long time ago, I was a fat kid. And I did not like that much. It’s no fun being fat. I was teased a lot in high school. Then I went on a diet and I bounced around with my weight a lot. Thankfully, I have discovered hiking with combat boots as a new hobby. I have been doing totally awesome ever since. You know what I like the best about the noble sport of hiking? It’s the outdoors, man. It’s the variety in landscapes that you get to see when you travel from one part of the trail to the next.

I once made the mistake of trying to hike a trail on a pair of sandals. I have regretted it like nothing else. You know what’s so bad about taking a long walk on crappy footwear? Your feet get all blistery and they become painful and it really sucks. That’s why you have got to buy a good pair of boots for your feet, otherwise you are going to have a seriously bad time, just like I had on that fateful first hiking trip. I hated it so much that I almost never went back to hiking again.

cboot2I have been in the military and I still had a bunch of army boots lying around from the time when I was in service. I have always loved my tactical research boots, as they have never let me down once in my entire life. The greatest thing that I like about army boots is that they are built to last. You have to stand up on those the whole darn time when you are serving in the military, so it is important that they give you lots of support. And indeed, they do give you lots of support. The reason why I have never thrown these away is because, after many years of service, they are still good enough that I can wear them and walk around on them and be comfortable.

So when you think about it, military boots are actually quite a good investment on your hard earned money. We are living in harsh times and you really need to watch what you spend your money on these days. Good footwear is one of the most solid investments that you can make. If you are poor, then you can’t afford good shoes and you will end up buying the cheapest ones that you can afford. And this is where the real trouble starts, because those cheap shoes are not going to last a very long time. Give them a month or two and they will start falling apart. Now you have to buy new ones again. And since you’re poor, you can’t afford higher priced ones this time either. And that’s how it keeps on going… you’ll buy one cheap pair after another, and in the big picture, you’re spending even more than you would have if you had been able to buy high quality shoes, which are also higher priced because of their quality.

cboot3So it definitely makes sense to save up for a good pair of army boots, especially when you’ve taken up a walking intensive hobby such as hiking, like I have. Combat boots are going to last forever, for years on end even. Even when you are wearing them all day, every day. Even when you take them on a hike. Brian Bradshaw from the Boot Bomb agrees as well, because he has written about this stuff extensively and his experiences are exactly the same as mine. You never want to argue with a guy who has lots of experience, I always say.

You know what I like the best about those sturdy combat boots of mine? They have gore-text, meaning that they are really good at keeping water out and wicking away moisture. You certainly don’t want to get too much moisture in your boots, because otherwise you are going to be drowning in your very own boots. Footwear of any kind tends to get very uncomfortable when you are getting sweaty feet. They start rubbing up against the boot material and they will start getting chafy and stuff. Don’t you just hate it when your footwear is giving your feet blisters and sores?

cboot4You need breathable boots, otherwise you are going to have a problem. Gore text lets the moisture out, but does not let any of it in. So all in all, tactical research boots breathe really really well. Soldiers and hikers alike are constantly standing up straight and finding themselves having to walk and run. It can take a lot from you. You absolutely need boots that will give support to your arches, your heels and your toes. A good boot has a flexible midsole, because if it doesn’t… then you can develop plantar fasciitis. And that’s something you don’t ever want to have to experience in your entire life.

Plantar fasciitis is a very painful affliction of the foot. It affects the so called plantar fascia tendon, which is a tendon that connects your heels to your toes. It runs all across the bottom of your foot and it is a fairly large tendon. If you get pain in this, then you are going to hate your life from that point on. Not only hikers and soldiers develop this condition. Some people who are overweight and have to stand up during their work all day also get this affliction. It is heridatary to a certain point, so if your parents had it… then you are at a higher than average risk. It will certainly help to get the best work boots for plantar fasciitis you can find.

I once contracted plantar fasciitis myself and immediately took steps to solve this problem. You do not want to have an inflamed and thicked and painful plantar fascia, because you won’t even be able to stand up anymore once you have it. If you let it get out of hand, it’s a fairly crippling condition, which should not be underestimated. Usually, this condition can be cured without having to resort to surgery. But you do need to catch it in time, otherwise you are going to be sorry you let it get worse and worse and worse. Just buy good footwear. I recommend combat boots, but I guess you already knew that.

Working Out As A Way Of Getting Stronger And Healthier

fit guyIf you want to be healthy and you are serious about it, then you will have to get some exercise and you better make sure that it is varied rather than a single type of exercise. It does not really matter what exercise you do because everything is much better than nothing at all. You can either take a walk, go for a jog, or hit the gym and swing around some kettle bells, or push up some dumb bells or bar bells or whatever. The important thing is that you mix it up, because no single exercise alone is every going to make you as healthy as you can be. The best kind of exercise is the type of exercise that has a lot of variety in it so you can be using your body in different ways all the time. And if you are dead serious about your health, then you will want to take care of your mind as well as your body. Your mental health is also at least as important. And meditation can help you take care of your mind.

If you mix it all up and combine everything into your life, then you can get the best possible health benefits from these. You are not going to get the best health advantages from merely hitting the gym and doing one particular form of physical exercise. And when you think of it, this is actually good news. Because who wants to perform the same mind numbing thing all throughout the week, many hours per day? That’s what robots are for. It is much better to combine all of this stuff into your life all at once. Only then will you reach peak health, as I call it. If you would like to learn more about how to accomplish this, then by all means… keep reading.

fast muscle gainThe best way of getting all the benefits from physical exercise, is to have at least half an hour of exercise every single day of your life. The body wants to move. But going to the gym every single day of your life will quickly become boring. Therefore, you have to find something useful to do on the days that you are not going to the gym. The days that I don’t visit the gym, are my resting days. On those days, I go for a walk outside. And sometimes, when I’m feeling frisky, I might even go onto a little jog of moderate intensity. Jogging can make me feel really good. Let’s say that I have exercised my chest muscles the previous day when I was at the gym. Then I will be able to go for a jog on this day.

Sometimes, however, you exercise your legs instead of your chest. In that case, my leg muscles are going to be quite sore on the next day. So then I will not be able to go jogging, as this would put too much of a strain on my muscles. On my off days, my jogs will not be jogs… they will be a regular walk. Every kind of physical activity is much better than having no physical activity at all. Just keep that little gem in mind! It’s always best if you can make sure that your exercise lasts about 30 minutes. And as I am sure you can imagine, it is much better to err on the safe side. So it’s always best if you do not ‘accidentally’ cut 5 minutes from your training and make it 25 minutes rather than 30. If you are going to stray from those 30 minutes, it is best to make it 5 minutes more rather than 5 minutes less. It will only cost you a small extra bit of your precious time.

exercising chicksIt is quite easy to get 30 minutes worth of physical activity every single day. I was able to do it, my family was able to do it, and I’m sure that you are able to do it as well. You will soon get into the habit of doing it. Shortly thereafter, you will be asking yourself how you ever managed to live without exercise at all. It can be very hard to get started. I know this from experience. And even when you are in the habit, it can still be pretty hard to get out off your lazy butt and get started with the exercise. But if only you can muster getting started, then soon after you are going to be glad that you managed to drag yourself out of your comfort zone.

exercise with barbellAnd that is about all I have to say about the physical side of life. Now let us have a little looksy in the mental side of life. I have mentioned meditation earlier. I think you are probably asking yourself why you need that work that into your life as well, when you are already doing so much physical exercise such as weight lifting and stuff. Nobody is forcing you to take up meditation. But let me tell you from my own experience, you will not achieve peak health if you do not also incorporate meditation as well. Meditation is a great way of easing your mind and making you feel more calm and relaxed. Some say it heals the soul. I personally don’t believe in a literal soul, but I think I understand what people mean when they say that. If you want a calmer mind that is more focused and less distracted, then you will surely be interested in taking up meditation. Being focused can help you have more efficient work outs.

When you are meditating, then this alone will not help you shape up the way you want to. We can do everything in our power to live a healthy life… but nothing will stop us from aging and getting older. For this reason, many middle aged men are looking into the new phenomenon known as testosterone boosters. These can be quite helpful if you are having trouble achieving the lifting performance you had when you were much younger. The most popular one seems to be Testofuel. It receives many high ratings from all over the web. The Bulk Board is no exception. Another booster is Pro Testosterone, which also seems to be highly effective. Thanks to Barry from the Bulk Board for giving me all this information in such a concise, detailed way.

But I am getting distracted here. Meditation will help you achieve greater health, both physical as well as mental. You will decrease your blood pressure by a whole lot. And inflammation is also said to go down with meditation. You will gain better focus and this will help you become more efficient at the gym. So take up physical exercise and meditation already. I am sure you will find it will do you much good!

Do You Need Supplements To Become Lean?

This day and age, you can’t talk to a single guy about his weight lifting diet without having him drone on and on about his ‘stack’. And by stack we mean the big collection of supplements that he uses in order to build and maintain his gigantic, bulking muscles. Well, I’ve had it with the whole stack obsession. It’s entirely possible to gain lean muscle mass without having to resort to a stack that will rob you of all your hard earned money. Gaining mass is fun and all, but it kind of sucks when you look at how much money it costs. And have you ever considered whether or not you’re getting extra results from it?


I say forget about the supplements and simply follow this simple 4 step plan below.

1. You’ve Got To Lift, Bro

You simply can not gain any worthwhile, significant muscle mass without lifting a single weight. You’ll have to lift a lot of them if you want to get in the shape that you’ve been dreaming of ever since you laid eyes on a Mr. Universe picture. You can’t put on lean mass by simply going for a jog.

You should lift heavy weights at maximum intensity for at least three times a week. Otherwise, don’t even bother going. The professionals are training six days a week. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be getting any worthwhile results whatsoever. For a hobbyist like you and me, three times is enough.

2. Increase Your Protein Uptake

Since proteins are the building blocks of your muscle, you are going to have to make sure that you get plenty of these into your diet. If you miss out on proteins, your hard efforts from the gym earlier that day will go to waste. Your body can not rebuild muscle tissue if it does not have access to a steady stream of proteins.

Foods that are rich in proteins are such foods as eggs, turkey, chicken, beef, salmon and tuna. These are great tasting foods that are also very healthy for you. Be sure to work those into your diet on a regular basis.

3. Increase Your Fat And Carb Uptake

It’s not all about the proteins, though. You’ve also got to have plenty of fats and carbs. Carbs are your body’s main source of energy. Without these, you won’t be able to lift a finger at the gym. You will need all the energy you can get, assuming you plan of lifting iron pretty hard.

By making sure you are stacked up on carbs, you will prevent your body from using proteins as its main source of energy. The proteins can then go towards the rebuilding of muscle tissue. And that’s exactly what you need. Carbs for energy, proteins for muscle building.

Fats also play a crucial role in your body. You need fats in order to feel saturated. Fats are good for your skin, your hair, your nails, your heart, your brain and your overall feeling of well being.

4. Get Plenty Of Rest

The body requires 8 hours of rest on average. For people who lift heavy weights, this can sometimes go to 9 hours. It’ll be totally worth it in the end though. Just go to bed an hour earlier. You’ll be happy you did. Your body does all of its recovering during sleep. That’s when you put on the muscle. Get rest, or get no results!